Pitching with the Pros: My Experience with #PRprochat

Earlier today, I had the chance to participate in my first ever Twitter Chat via TweetChat. I chose to join the #PRprochat, a Twitter Chat that occurs on the first Thursday of every month at 2pm EST.

The #PRprochat founder and mediator Carrie Morgan (@morgancarrie) is an author and Senior-level digital PR consultant with over 20 years of agency and corporate experience. The purpose of the chat is to engage PR practitioners, PR students, or anyone with an interest in the field, in discussion for an hour about specific public relations topics. This month’s topic: How To Measure Public Relations.

Fifteen minutes prior to the discussion, I announced my participation in the chat. As the tweets began to flow, Carrie asked that everyone introduce themselves.

Afterwards, she posed the question of how to measure PR and the results of your PR?

The conversation dived into metrics, to which I tweeted:

The tweets continued to flow, with metrics as the primary focus. Carrie tweeted about how important it is to keep the data comprehensible for clients, and I responded to this point, saying:

As the chat was coming to a close, I decided that Carrie had two of my favorite tweets from the Twitter Chat. The first was:

This was an interesting point to make. You can use metrics to gather data and gauge public opinion, but if the clients don’t value the data or opinions of their stakeholders, then it’s all for nothing. Sometimes the toughest sell is to the client, not the public.

Towards the end of the chat, a question was raised about clients and finding out what they want from their PR professionals. Carrie suggested asking:

In order to ensure that your client will be happy, you must communicate with them to establish objectives, and go through the steps of how to achieve them.

When the #PRprochat had ended, I felt I like I learned a lot. There were a number of students and experienced professionals that were discussing strategies and tips, which provided great insight to how the professionals work. The experience, however, was something very different for me. I had never participated in a Twitter Chat before, and the first 20 minutes were a little overwhelming. That being said, I eventually figured it out and was happy I could be a part of it. Overall, it was a positive experience that I felt was very beneficial.


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